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Plastic Card Indenting Machine, PVC Card Indenter


Can indent characters accurately on the cards. Light and convenient to carry. Nice exterior, easy to operate. An economical option compared with those automatic machines. Suited for small volume card production and card issuing systems.
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Name : PVC Card indenting machine    Model# : MC-EX1000

PVC card Indenting Machine is also called Plastic Card Indent printing Machine,PVC card indenter, it is used for indent printing italic numerals on signature panels of the plastic cards. This machine is the necessary post-press equipment in plastic card production. This machine only has indenting character - the standard italic Numeral characters, and comes with an roll of  special black Ribbon in order to help you get the best effect of the indenting or "concaved" characters.  
1). 10 characters inside the machine:
      Digital Characters: 0~9.
2). Character standard
      Set for plastic card with ISO standard
3). Interval
      1/12 '' (only)
4). Weight
      Net Weight: 9.5Kg 
      Gross Weight: 10KG
5). Machine Size
      L340 x W300 x H160mm
6). Box dimension
      L410 x W370 x H230mm
7) Suitable for CR-80 standard plastic card(85.6*54mm)