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Plastic Discount Cards


Attract new customers and reward loyal customers with a plastic discount card exclusive to your business or organization. Discount cards are a remarkable marketing tool used to advertise to and attract customers. Encourage first time buyers to buy, thank and retain current customers while boosting sales as a whole. By featuring full color images of your product together with your brand, your discount card becomes a much stronger call to action! Discount Cards are also a great fundraising opportunity.
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Plastic discount card entitles the holder to discounts on the prices of some products or services. Cards may be issued as part of a loyalty program, offering discounts to existing customers to ensure their continuing custom; they may be offered free of charge, offering a modest discount with the intention of persuading purchasers to patronize participating shops; or they may be sold to members, offering larger discounts at a substantial annual cost. Plastic discount cards have been proven to have a higher perceived value and are much more likely to be saved and used compared to a traditional paper coupon. 

♦Use our professional designers or upload your own artwork
♦Standard thicknesses of .030" (30 mil) or ask about other thicknesses
♦Standard size is 2 1/8" x 3 3/8" with 1/8" diameter rounded corners (same as a credit card) or ask us about custom die cuts
♦Full or Spot Color (CMYK, 4 color process)
♦Glossy surface or Matte finish surface
♦Consecutive numbering or variable data personalization for names, numbers, PINs, etc. with provided database
♦Bar coding with or without human readable characters printed below
♦Hole and slot punching for round or lanyard or ask us about custom sizes and shapes
♦Standard writable finish for signatures and handwritten personalization or ask about custom signature panels
♦Low or high density magnetic stripes
♦Magnetic stripe encoding on track 1, 2, and/or 3
♦Scratch-off overlay panels for PINs, special promotions and contests

Plastic discount cards are used by a wide range of businesses, large and small, including: grocery, pet and gift stores; boutiques and specialty shops; florists and garden shops; automotive, oil changers and car washes; dentists and chiropractors; health clubs and golf courses; clothing and jewelry stores and beauty shops; restaurants and night clubs; equipment rental stores.
Mycardtech can help you to develop a strategy and a program to use plastic discount cards to increase your sales!