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Photo ID Cards


Full high-definition printing. Desirable sizes and shapes, custom-made. Unbeatable quantity and durability. Use lanyards, clips, magnets, chips, QR codes, barcodes. Dual-sided, lamination, embossing, hole-punching, slot-punching. Simplistic ordering, fast delivery.
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Photo ID cards are an identity document that includes a photograph of the holder, usually only his or her face. The most commonly accepted forms of photo ID are those issued by government authorities, such as driver's licenses, identity cards, but special-purpose photo IDs may be also produced, such as internal security or access control cards, student photo ID cards, employee photo ID cards.

Options of Photo ID cards

♦Use our professional designers or upload your own artwork
♦Standard thicknesses of .030" (30 mil) or ask about other thicknesses
♦Standard size is 2 1/8" x 3 3/8" with 1/8" diameter rounded corners (same size as a credit card) or ask us about custom die cuts
♦Inkjet printing or digital printing
♦Glossy surface or Matte finish surface
♦Consecutive numbering or variable data personalization for names, numbers, photos, etc. with provided database
♦With a chip or not 
♦Including a QR code or not
♦Bar coding with or without human readable characters printed below
♦Hole and slot punching for round or lanyard or ask us about custom sizes and shapes

Bank / Financial

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·  VIP Membership Cards

Schools / Libraries

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·  Library / Food Service Cards
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·  Athletic Schedule Cards
·  Visitor Badges
·  Miniature Diplomas


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Manufacturing / Industry

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Retail Stores

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Clubs / Associations

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Travel / Entertainment

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Computer / High-Tech

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Insurance Industry

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